Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meet the Band

Have I ever introduced you to the band? I don't suppose I have!
Well, let's all just get aquainted. You have Jody-keys/cello, Dave-bass, Jerrett-drums, and then Rich-electric whom came along shortly after this picture was taken. Sorry, Rich. Anywho, there they are.

Hi Rich: 

But the best of the band isn't the boys at all... of course. Meet my girls:

 Rachel, Kara, Erica, and in the next pic, Victoria.

We have many adventures together:

Most of them center around the notorious Christmas party. We vary the menu, but we always have the chocolate fountain...and Oh, the joy it brings. We have marshmallow, Reeses, fruit, donuts, and anything else we can find to put in the fountain. I believe we have put broccoli in the fountain one year, and this year an Asian dumpling. That's how we roll.

Most of the time I end  up looking like this.

What can I say? I like chocolate. 

Anywho, every year we draw names and surprise each other with gifts. The last few years we have had to either make something by hand or it has to come from a flea market. This year I drew Kara's name:
(That's Kara on the right).

Now, meet Mr. Table. He was 12.99 at the Browsaroun:

With a little help from Rustoleum's "Lagoon," some gold paint pen, and a new knob from Hobby Lobby and Viola! You have a darling, new side table:

Another view of the cutesy knob:

Never underestimate the power of paint and a cheap table! Merry Christmas, Kara! Or should I say, "Happy Valentine's Day?"


  1. The table is just too stinkin' cute! How do you do that? I have a brain. Why doesn't mine work like that. I know, it's a creative gene that you were born with! I love the table/magazine rack you did for Joe and Nat! You've been busy!! LOVEE!!

  2. One of these days i will actually get to see Kara. We went to school together when were kids and then a couple of years ago I found out that half of my friends now know her....small world. Everytime I think I might get to see her at a get together it never happens. Kara if you read this, perhaps one day we can make it to the same function so i can say hi finally!

  3. When are you going to post again? I miss you!