Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A few things

Hi there! We are in full swing Fall around here (except for the 90 degree weather). I am trying to get used to the quiet house and fill my days with meaningful time... More on that later. Until then, here's what we've been up to!
SOCCER! I'm officially a soccer mom. Tyler is a soccer dad/coach and we love it. The inner cheerleader has re-surfaced and morphed into a crazed-lunatic mom... in a good way. The kids are hard core loving it. And they're actually good! So fun.

Tyler and I saw Mumford and Sons last week. We were in the second row. It was unreal. We could hear them talking to each other between songs. I didn't know musicians talked!! The show was perfectly under-produced. It was awesome.

I've been painting! Shocker. Here is a table that my friend gave me to play with. I love how it turned out!

Also around the house, I got wild and put nailhead trim on my new couch. Tyler wanted to murder me. I like it. You be the judge.

I finally made another drop cloth slipcover to match the other wingback. It only took me a year and a half to complete that project... and my new curtains in the background.

The kids were out of school on Monday. It's the second break they've had which is weird, but I'll take it! We made chalk. Did you know you can make chalk?? I didn't. Aevyn told me to Pinterest it... that's a normal response around here. She was right. Here is the recipe.

Tyler and I have been enjoying his Fridays off. We dine, we thrift, we go to movies. I found these amazing boots on our latest excursion. They are my favorite. A hipster's paradise. They are actually brown;  I'm not sure why they turned out reddish on here....Instagram editing fail.

We started our fall semester women's bible studies and I am doing two! (Such is the life of a stay at home mom with kids in school). One is Gideon by Priscilla Shirer and the other one is Awaken with Tonya Riggle. Both are wonderful. I have been so blessed to lead worship for the latter for the past couple of years. It is at the top of my favorite things. It has become such a sweet time of worship with our ladies in the Pearland area. If you are in the area you should come! We meet on Tuesday nights at 7:00 at the South Campus. You won't be disappointed!!

That's it for now! Happy Day to ya!

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  1. I keep commenting but it doesn't work....maybe I say too much?! Well, I love all you do. You make me want to do stuff....kinda. <3