Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Newgirlie's Projects

    The Newberry girls have been busy as of late. Perhaps the biggest news in the little Berrygirlie's life is that she started school!  Aevyn has started 4K after staying at home with me for the past four years.  I really expected it to be a major ordeal in her life, not to mention mine.  I had dreaded not having her vivacious personality around here.  While she is definitely the more stretching of the two, when she is gone I miss her terribly.  She is my little friend that talks to me all day long and keeps me laughing with her antics. Anywho, after a month of school it seems that she is performing with flying colors!  Last week I got a progress report sent home and every section was marked "excellent."  I am a proud momma. I am really enjoying my time with Stone, and he seems to tolerate me until his BFF comes home;) Here are some pics from Aevyn's first day of school.

                             I love the shower curtain in her extra bath, so I decided to recreate it for the kids bathroom.



A while back, I made this ottoman from an old coffee table from Goodwill (my favorite store) and a curtain panel. After growing tired of the crazy fabric, I recently changed to this cute yellow fabric! Now, to experiment with tufting....

Well, that's all for now.  I am currently working on a project that might do me in... potty training Stone! Today he has decided that it is more fun to point and shoot than to sit like a girl-is that too much information? 
PS. Does anyone have any insight to why my margins are horrific?? 


  1. throw a fruit loop in the toilet and let him point and aim!

  2. Really cute Les! I'm so proud of you! I need to get motivated! I love you!

  3. Hey Les,
    just found your new blog =)
    very cute.

  4. so i have a new blog post idea for you...well, really 2, but you could combine them: 1. how to go antiquing (am I spelling that right?) and 2. how to do DIY projects inexpensively. just a thought...many (ME among others) would love your insight!

  5. Hey Leslianne--

    Love your blog. Wow--please tell Tyler how happy we are that God has blessed you so---your children are the cutest!!!! Cannot believe you have kids old enough to go to preschool!!!!!

    Much love-christy kennis