Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Little In-Between

Hi there friends! Well, I am still working on Stoney's big boy room, but I have another sneak peek for you.

I am working on a silhouette for over his bed and an alphabet wall. 

Stone loves his new bed! He hasn't escaped during the night, but we have had a few hiccups during his naptime. Just for safety we have a gate on his door. This, of course, keeps him in and allows Aevyn to be the mastermind to whatever exciting thing they do in his room until I wake up each day.

I also have been working on a few other projects for my dearest, Erica. She will be bringing a sweet peanut into the world sometime in January. I can hardly wait! The other day I whipped him up a cute onesie. 

The other day my friend, Kate, came by and she had this darling hat on that she had gotten it at the Nutcracker Market. I decided that I would knock it off. Isn't it cute? Super easy and super fun to make. I will make a tutorial later;)

And then there are the day to day happenings that I dearly love around my house. Thank you Lord for my little family.

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  1. Love this sweet post! Especially the last two pics! Stone's room is so cute...the onsie~you could totally make 15 bucks for it if you tried to sell them, at least...the hat~my dear Leslianne, only YOU could pull it off. I saw a red belt the other day at Francesca's and it had your name written all over it!