Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hi friends! I am sorry I have taken a while to get back with you as of late. We have been swamped with Christmas! TIS THE SEAON! Let me preface this post with the fact that I LOVE Christmas and ALL that it entails. I really enjoy the parties, the running around, the present shopping, and even the rehearsals and performances.

We just ended a stretch for Tyler in the "Really Really Big Christmas Show" at our Woodway Campus.  It was phenomenal. I am so happy that he was able to do it along with all of our other responsibilities! TIS THE SEASON! I am always amazed at how talented Tyler is. I really enjoy watching him perform- whatever he is doing. He puts his whole self into his work. I am blessed by that- especially being the flake of a person that I am;)  Last night was the grand finale, and boy it was grand! I have a few pictures from the show for you. I can't wait to get the DVD and show you some clips!

This week we gear up for our Christmas Eve service and 8 shows of Kids Crazy Christmas which ends on Thursday. WHEW!  TIS THE SEASON! In all honesty, I was telling the Lord how I need Him to help me balance this time of year. I want to intentionally portray the Center of our celebration and worship to my kids. How do I responsibly do this when we rarely have a moment all together at home this time of year? TIS THE SEASON! I am aware every year that "it" is coming, yet every year FLIES by in a haze of shows, parties, rehearsals, services, ETC. We wake up on Christmas morning in a stuper wondering what happened in December?? TIS THE LIFE OF A WORSHIP PASTOR. I don't want to just let the tide of Christmas take me over. I want to instill the beauty and mystery of Jesus in my children. Lord, grant me a willing spirit to sustain me!

I am so very grateful for this time of year and the wonderment that it brings. I sat in the finale of the "Really Really Big Christmas Show" and cried. I am so overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord to us. We could not be happier and more blessed in our church, our family, and our friends. All that He has given to us, all that He has restored to us in the last couple of years. As the confetti poured over my head I pictured the Lord's richest blessings washing over me, heap upon heap. Oh, how I love Him.

I thank you Lord that You are our Emmanuel. You are with us to strengthen and to fortify, to fill and to use. You are our Hope and Salvation, and with that I declare,  "TIS THE SEASON!!!"


  1. Merry Christmas my sweet, sweet friend!! Must have lunch and I must tell you about my weekend!! <3

  2. The pictures from that show look so fun and entertaining! I so miss being all the Bellevue shows. they were so fun! glad I stumbled across your blog again :)