Friday, March 18, 2011


"It is Finished,
The battle is over (until I do the next chair),
It is Finished,
There'll be no more WAR,
It is Finished..."

All the Bellevuites Holla! I am FINALLY done with the chair. Good. Night. Nurse. It was a battle for sure. It has taken me two months to complete. I could only work for short amounts of time and there were weeks when I did not touch it. I am so happy to have completely finished it! I admit there was a point when I thought about quitting, but my sweet husband encouraged me to abolish my sanguine ways and FOLLOW THROUGH! YAY! Here are some before and afters:


It is no secret that I LOVE to match;) In high school and college my best friend and I would match on purpose. Enter exhibit A:

Holy Cow.

There are lots of Sunday mornings that I get to church and I realize that Tyler and I have color-coordinated. It makes me so happy. It makes Tyler sick. HA! Well, the joke is on him, because lately he has been matching our friends, Kate and David, randomly. Here are a couple of instances:

We are connected on a whole new level to these dear friends!! They indeed are "The fabric of our lives!"


  1. The chair looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!

  2. The chair looks so good...wish I could do that!

  3. Can't wait to see the church in person! It's look so great Les! I need to learn how to do that from you. Maybe when we come down I can help you get the next one started or finished. Who knows! I love you!

  4. I meant chair - not church.....