Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday on this Family Fun Friday:

1.  Kaki and Georgie came for a visit! We enjoyed the zoo, the strawberry farm, and THEM!

2. I recently painted our bedroom. It's grey and I love it! I don't have pictures yet, but they are soon to come.
3. Thanks to my dear friends Courtney and Corey, I steamed our carpets! FYI: Corey played football for UT. GO VOLS!!! (sorry, Kaki) The Campbells let me borrow their steam vacuum and it was amazing. I am thinking about getting one. We have an enormous amount of carpet (grrr...) and cleaning it costs a small fortune.
How do you like my tiny little vacuum? 
 Check out how dirty we are!

Yes, that is the dirty water just from Aevyn's room. Seriously?? That being said,  I feel like a new woman now!

4. Tyler and I use Dave Ramsey's envelope system for budgeting.  I really don't like carrying around all that cash. Every time I go to buy something I have to pull out my BULGING wallet. I'm sure that people are thinking, "What is the easiest way that I could rob her?"  Anywho, I had been using this  coupon file that I got at the dollar section of Target: 

MUCH too big for my purse, and SO totally unfashionable;) So I decided to make my own:

After sewing what looked like a small pillow, I folded the fabric in thirds. Then I made seams up the sides of the bottom fold. Next, I cut out the accordion part of the coupon file, and I put it down into the wallet. Lastly, I topped it off  with some easy-to-make, cute, little felt flowers and Tada!
 Much better!
Look at that sweet little family;)

5. Well, I can't think of a fifth "thing." I asked Tyler to contribute, and he said that he can't think of anything. He told me that that is why he quit blogging and started micro-blogging (ie. twittering). What a dork.

Happy Family Fun Friday!!!


  1. Lessie, i love you and that wallet is WAY adorable.

  2. you are so talented....I love the pic of you with Kaki and Georgie......
    You need to tell all your friends the story of you in the grocery store line....I won't embaress you by telling it myself....and you may not even know it....