Friday, June 3, 2011

Try it Friday

My friend, Candace has a Try it Tuesday on her blog. I always LOVE to see what she is trying out. So, I thought that I would make my own version today. Although, Try it Friday just doesn't quite have that "ring" to it. Oh well. Here it goes.
Ever since Tyler and I first got married I would go on these Atkins diet crazes every once and a while. I find that it is something that really works for me. I am not a terribly self regimented person ESPECIALLY when it comes to food. I can out eat Tyler any day of the week. When I was living in Memphis to have Stone my Mother-in-law, Jeanne, would cook for me. I think it was just so she could see how much I would consume. I remember her laughing at me in disbelief! I can put it away. (On a side note: Kelly Anderson is the ONLY person who could EVER out-eat me. Now she puts me to shame running marathons, while I eat Bon Bons all day long).
ANYWHO,  I decided that I was going to try and shed the 5lbs that has never gone away since having Stone. Ok, more like 7-9lbs, but whose counting?? I started by cutting out as much bread as I could from my diet.  I used to make biscuits or muffins every morning of the week. Now, I eat turkey bacon for breakfast. HAH! I will die not of obesity but of sodium overload. For lunch, I eat chicken salad, cheese, cashews, peanut butter,  a HAMBURGER;) or a salad. OH! And you can eat Chick-fila nuggets for a pretty low carb count. No sandwiches for me! I find it kinda hard to make family meals low-carb, so I generally eat whatever I make for them at night. I have found that if I take in around 60 net carbs I don't gain weight. Here are some Atkins products that don't make me gag along with my low-carb staples:

These are brand new breakfast bars from Atkins. They are VERY good. I pop them in the oven and put butter on top. Yes, on top of the frosting.

Cherry coke zero. YES, please. 
I just tried the Fanta Zero. It tastes exactly like orange Fanta. YAY! 

I am a big chicken salad connoisseur. I never thought that I would eat chicken out of a can, but it's actually not bad at all. It's much cheaper than buying chicken salad from the deli every week. 

Not as good as the real deal, but it will do.

Love my Sara Lee bread.
This picture made Ron Swanson proud.

Alongside these items would be Chili,  Chicken wraps (with low-carb tortillas), Mexican Chicken Casserole, Tomato Basil soup, tilapia, BBQ ribs in the crockpot, BLTs on low-carb bread... 
All in all, it works! I am just 2lbs away from my pre-babies weight! Just in time for Beach Retreat... not that I want to strut my stuff with a bunch of teenagers, but it'd be nice to not be the glaringly white whale at the pool next week.
 On a totally different subject: This week I went to the doctor and she thought that I was a teenage mom of two. Seriously!? READ. THE. CHART.

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  1. Ha! That last part made me do still look like a teenager - relish it for right now.

    How you eat like that I just can't imagine....I've been trying the South Beach Diet just to get myself off of sugar. Is that possible? No fruit for two weeks...I'm not sure I can make it.

    How about Figure it out Friday?! : ) I know, I'm not cool.

    I love you!