Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's gonna be a long one!

As I mentioned in my last post, I did a wee bit of shopping while on vacation...okay a waaay bit of shopping. My favorite pastime is to browse in an antique shop or scour a flea market. I once told Tyler that I really wish that on the new side of Pearland (where we live) they would build a Dollar Store and a Goodwill. He then let me know that those were trailer trash stores and thus dashed my hope of Shadow Creek Ranch ever getting such an establishment. Sad. Anywho, I am AMAZED at the number of antique shops in Rogers Arkansas. It seems that they have made a little antique heaven up there in the mountains. So, I saved all my birthday money and counted the days when I could blow it on someone else's cast offs! Well, here is my lute. I will not bore you with all of my ideas... they are endless. I will however try to remember what they cost me, because that is the most exciting part to me;)

Toile napkins- 10.00
Bird mugs- 6 for 10.00
Gold tray- 10.00ish?


Antique Dress Form- 2.00
Cream and Sugar- 6.00
Tiered plates- 10.00

Tiny Pitcher- 4.00
Lamp- ??

Tiny blue pitcher-2.00
Bookends-  8.00
Candy dish and other blue fun stuff- gift from Mama Jean. Thanks Mama!

Bowl and Pitcher- 12.00

So now that I see the damage that I did let's change the subject....

Aevyn is a Kindergartner! I can't believe that I have a child in real school. It is so surreal. I have to convince myself that she will love school and that it is the law that she go to school. I think that if I were a lost person I might be able to convince myself that school isn't important and that I will just teach her at home. No, I am only kidding...Maybe not...NO really. Have you ever heard of "un-schooling." I came to hear of it when we were living in Colorado-of course. It's a form of home-schooling that isn't schooling but yet  you teach them things like homemaking, chopping wood, hunting, sewing. I digress... ANYWHO, I am a law-abiding citizen and I know that it is important to go to school.... so she is going. TWO STORIES:
Story 1:

We arrived at school on Monday morning very excited! However, Aevyn immediately tripped over a curb and ate it whenTyler put her backpack on her. She had a bloody face and knees.....SAAAADDD. I thought Tyler would come unglued. I don't know who was sadder Tyler or Aevyn. One fall almost stole all of the happiness;(  He later told me that he is going to be arrested before Aevyn finishes school. That guy is kinda intense. I love you, sweet baby.

Story 2:

The first day Aevyn told me that a boy pushed her down. When I asked her if the teacher saw it she told me that the teacher did NOT see it, but the CAMERAS did. Then she said, the "cameras "told her teacher that the kid pushed her. Then someone promptly came to the room and took him to the principal's office. WIERD, HUH? Apparently, they are being watched. Not sure what all the entails.... On another note, that teacher doesn't waste anytime showing them who's boss! Sending a Kindergartener to the principals office on the first day!?? 

Here are a couple of pics. Notice Aevyn's strawberry forehead;(

PS. We are still trying to sell our house. The little cabin in the country is sitting there waiting on us;) Keep praying!!


  1. Dear Leslianne. I am just dying, yes, dying to see all these glorious finds in YOUR house. Better yet, in your cabin one day.
    Dear Lord, please lay on someone's heart to buy me a plane ticket to Pearland, TX so that I can see my dearie named Les. Amen.

  2. Life is just going in hyper-speed! I hate it but I love what your kids are becoming. That's the real joy! Aevyn looks so cool and adorable in her black high tops! Love it! I'm sorry she had such an eventful first day but she seemed to bounce - good girl! Keep bouncing!

  3. i love you lessie!!! gosh, we know why that dumb boy pushed her down!!! someone already likes her!!! he's gonna start pulling her pig-tails too. not cool. what a crazy day! glad you guys made it through.

    i feel like i missed half that stuff that you bought! such awesome finds! miss you.

  4. You said "here's my lute" and I guess it's the musician in me because I thought, "Wow, she actually found a lute in an antique shop!" Cuz really that would be quite a find. ha~ Although I'm thinking Tyler doesn't want to start playing Renaissance music =)