Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chalk Paint Stories

Has anyone out there in Bloggerville seen the "disclaimer" when you log onto blogger? It states that if you don't give them your phone number you could lose all of your blogger net worth? It is quite threatening especially when you then click the option, "I want to proceed anyway..." As if to call you an idiot as you click the mouse.
ANYWHO, I do have an excuse for being away for so long. As many of you know, I haven't had a functional phone for the better part of two weeks. This may not amount to anything for most professional bloggers, but I use the camera on my phone for all my pictures. I know, LAMEO. Anywho, I now have a super old phone that I can't text or actually hear you on, but I will be able to call 911 if I am attacked.  AND, it has a camera!  Now I can show you what I have been up to the past few days. Albeit with some crappy pictures, but it's better than nothing! Enter can of chalkboard paint:

I recently saw a picture of a chalkboard placemat on Pinterest.

 I instantly fell in love. I love that you can change them out with whomever you are eating, and that the kids can draw on them. SO FUN.  SO, instead of paying the whopping $15.00 for 1, yes 1, placemat I made my own! I went to Walmart and bought four .94 vinyl placemats. (Sorry for the lack of pictures, they were on my last phone that went to heaven). Then I simply spraypainted them and...

Tada! Look how cute these babies turned out!

I love them! SO EASY. SO CUTE.  Then I decided to spray paint a few other things that were lying around. One being the lids of my glass jars, so that I could write what was on the inside. Just in case one day I can't see through the glass.... in that case I probably should have hot glued some brail on the top. I digress.
Enter: lids.

Just plain ole lids. But wait until I break out this next baby. Literally. The next project was this beauty that I found on my antique shopping trip on vacation. 
Enter: cherubs.

YIKES. I absolutely LOVE the  tray, but what in the WORLD were they thinking with the angels?!  PS. There is a daycare in Pearland that LITERALLY has these very same angels on the side of the building. Like, blown-up times a ZILLION. It is so creepy.  ANYWHO! Here's the after:

THEN, I spray painted Tyler. JK. 
Go get you some chalkboard spray paint. The possibilities are endless!


  1. How many ways and times can I tell you how much I love you and how adorable you are. I LOVE these! When do you possibly have the time to do all these cool things? So VERY cute!

  2. you are hilarious. very cute stuff, though! miss you!

  3. You are the best! I am amazed and in awe of your talent in so many areas. Love, love it all!


  4. P.S. I think I have a small picture of those angels somewhere. They are the most over produced image of my generation, which btw spans some time!