Friday, November 11, 2011

A Little Red Never Hurt Anyone

It's no secret that red is my favorite color. I wore "Marilyn" red lipstick for years....until I moved to Colorado. People looked at me as if I had the scarlet letter on my chest. It was then that I discovered tinted lipgloss. I digress. Although I love to wear red, I have a hard time decorating with it. I have flashbacks to TLC's Trading Spaces and see an "accent wall." YUCK. 
Anywho, I wanted to spruce up the playroom with some accent colors. I am forever inspired by the Dragonfly Inn on Gilmore Girls. I love all the pattern play and country warmth. (RIP Gilmore Girls). 
Whenever I think about having a library room I see this: 

Oh Yes. Yummy countrified beauty;) I could pull that off in my black and white room, right? So after much deliberation and finding this piece of artwork on my desk...

I decided to paint my desk RED.
Here she is in all of her white glory.


I went to Walmart and got a can of Rustoleum's glossy red paint. Did I realize that the paint was oil based? NO. Will I ever do that again? NO. HOWEVER, I LOVE the way it turned out;)

I decided to put out a few red accessories while I was at it.
This cute red pillow was from Walmart for 11.00! I have been meaning to make a ruffle pillow but this was cute and it took me no time to fork over the money;)

The picture is washed out, but I wanted you to see this pretty picture from GOODWILL. I heart florals.

Arthur Court has been put to use... I've made a grandma somewhere very happy. (Moo, see Mama Aven's dish isn't broken yet!)

All in all, I love the way it turned out!

I bought some leopard contact paper from Walmart this week with the intention of lining the back of my bookcases....too much? I love what my friend, Candace, said when her husband asked her when she was going to get over her animal print phase. She said, "NEVER!"  

I think I am going through an "over-the-top" phase...