Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinterest Perks

A lot of people complain that Pinterest is a time warp. A time warp that shows you all the wonderful things you can do in your spare time, yet you end up spending all your time looking at things you will never have the time to accomplish. Let me say, I wholeheartedly agree. That is why I try to only pin things that I have intentions to actually implement....most of the time:) One of my "boards" is a recipe board. Pinterest has been wonderful to me in the cooking department.  I have a VERY hard time getting creative with dinner. I have NO ambition when it comes to cooking. I leave that to Tyler! Here are some recipes that I have tried out and find yummy!

Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

So easy and yummy. I made these for my friend, Erica. She loves strawberry cake. They are so easy!

Tortellini Tomato Soup

This was ESPECIALLY delicious. Tyler doesn't like tomato soup, but he like this.

Pesto Stuffed Shells

These were a little chewy, but yummy. I had never cooked with pesto, and it was delicious.

Peanut Butter and Nutella Cookies

These were really yummy, but we both felt that it needed more Nutella flavor.

Bacon Avocado Pasta Salad

This salad has become a staple at our house during the week. We LOVE this dish! It's my favorite Pinterest recipe so far.

Cinnamon Roll Cake

If you want cake for breakfast, you have found it.

Pizza Muffins
Easy weeknight dinner.

Parmesan Asparagus

These were pretty good, but I burned them;( I imagine that they would taste even better when rightly cooked.  
So there you have it. Sorta like Reading Rainbow except instead of books, recipes. And instead of Levar Burton, me. 


  1. You're just adorable Les. I'll have to try that Bacon Avocado Salad! That looks so good! It all looks good actually. I shouldn't read this blog while hungry!

  2. I do love the recipe side of Pinterest!! Almost as much as I love my Paprika app for iPhone.

  3. I tried to find that pasta salad on Pinterest and I couldn't find it. Send me the recipe!! Plez!