Monday, January 30, 2012

Stoney is FOUR!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby Stoney! You are four years old today! You have brought me more happiness in four years than you can imagine. We could have never know that in naming you Asher for happiness that you would embody all of what that means. There are so many aspects of your nature that I love. 
 I love that you are ALL boy. That everything is a weapon or a game. 
I love that you are the world's best cuddler. That you are still baby soft- for only a little while longer.
 I love how much you love your sister. That you tell her she is your best friend. That you go to her when you need something more than you come to us!
 I love that you want to be a pirate with a mustache like your daddy when you grow up. I pray that you are just like him one day.
I love that you are a morning bird just like your PDiddy. That when I get up you are already up playing with all the lights on. That this morning you were playing in your tent with all your toys before the sun was up.
I love that you are making new friends and becoming more of a big kid everyday. 
I pray that you will grow in spirit and truth in the next year. I pray that you will one day receive Jesus into your life and serve Him only. For He is the only One that satisfies. 
I am so happy to be your mom.

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  1. My sweet little Stoney!! I got the intensely sweet first night with him in my arms pretty much all night. I'll never get that nights sleep back but I would never trade the experience for all the world could offer me. The snuggling was precious and he made the sweetest sounds that I'll never forget. Happy fourth birthday my sweet babykins!