Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Around the house.

Well hello there! I haven't been much for blogging lately. Truth be told I'm never much for writing blogs- just stalking them. I haven't had much material either for that matter.
As it turns out we took our house off the market. It seems as though our tiny cottage will not be for now:( We are sad, but now we can focus on doing stuff to the current house.
Some of you know that we have a studio apartment over our garage. It is Tyler's office/ guest suite.  He does alot of writing and recording in that space, and would like it to be more functional. In order to do that he was advised to first put in hardwood flooring. Wouldn't you know that Lowes was having an awesome sale on hardwood!? And just like that Tyler went and bought flooring and tore up the carpet.
Oh yes, while I walk around on nappy builders-grade carpet he will live in the lap of luxury up in the studio. I DO mean live. I may exile him there on behalf of stay-at-home moms with dirty carpet everywhere. Truly I jest. I digress... Here is the progress so far:

While he is remodeling upstairs I am addressing the piles. We are fairly neat people if you consider making stacks neat. Here are a few of my stacks:
As you can see the bookcases have disappeared...

Unfortunately the stuff in them has not:

 Stone's new room:

The laundry that taunts me every day.

I dunno what this is.

As for Stone's new room... It's shaping up. 

Jeanne bought that double decker bus for Tyler on a trip to London when he was 2. 

Here are those great sheets I told you about from Goodwill. I have been known to not wash things from Goodwill....EEK. I know this may end some of our friendships. My mother may disown me.
 I washed these.

I was trying to do without the red, but I cannot resist it. His room will boast a lipstick red. Maybe I should say a fire engine red...he is a boy. 
Have you ever seen the show Clean House? Personally I don't care too much about the show, but I love the garage sale concept. We are having a garage sale this weekend and then I will be able to put some finishing touches in his room. YAY! 
And a little eye candy for the road:


  1. What will you do now without the bookcases? All those piles, at least they are in piles and not spread all over the place. How I wish I was there to help! Tell Tyler he owes you a wood floor somewhere!

  2. Leslianne, I told Aaron just the other day that if there was one house that I could go thru for eye candy, it would be yours! I now live in a lovely apartment with white walls, I know. Sadness. So, I will be living vicariously thru you these next 6 months and your decoring your lovely home. And I plan to at least paint some furniture some off the wall colors while I have the chance to convince Aaron of their loveliness against the ghastliness of those white walls. Okay. Sorry for that longness.