Friday, March 9, 2012

Oops, I did it again.

OOPS. I did it again. Do ya'll remember this yellow catastrophe?

Well, it all came about from me buying paint from the WORLD'S WORST paint source: Walmart. I have always bought my paint there, but there has yet to be a time that I have not been dissapointed. Obviously, I am a glutton for punishment b/c I continue to buy paint from there. It's. just. SO. cheap. (Actually, they just upped the ante on their Colorplace line. It has doubled in price, but it is MUCH better paint). At one time I would only pay 8.00 for a gallon. You know me, I can't resist cheap. 
Since I have FOUR different shades of gray from Walmart in my playroom (still today) I thought that I better buy all my yellow paint in one fatal trip. So, I bought some ridiculous amount of yellow paint.
Upon the first brush stroke I was saddened. I knew that my butter walls would forever be with me. MORAL OF THE STORY: try out your paint color. GET. A. SAMPLE.
Did I learn this lesson. Nah. THIS is what happened over the weekend.

I decided to wait on the garage sale last weekend, but I was eager to get a little project done. I have been wanting peachy walls in the guest bath for a while, so I went for it. I was hoping for a shade like this lovely color: 


The color I picked was called "Peach Fuzz." It turned out to be something akin to "Mango Tango." Tyler said that it looks like it belongs in a Panama City beach condo. I said that we need to put a recording of "Midnight at the Oasis" so it plays when you flush the toilet. I digress.
I even tried another color the next day that turned out pink. Bleh! So I have just decided to live with it for now.  It's butter walls syndrome all over again. For now I am dreaming of this wallpaper in that bath:

Then out of depression;) I rearranged Aevyn's room. Very cheap therapy:

Hopefully next weekend I will be able to have our garage sale and finish my little projects. Until then, here is the studio all finished up! 

In full disclosure I must tell you that Tyler was a little sad that I said I would exile him to the studio;) Have ya'll ever met me!? I don't even want to exile him to the next room! He's the best. Just saying.

AND, I must let you know that he had been saving for a while for this project. He wasn't being some crazy, impulsive buyer. FURTHERMORE, the wood isn't wood. It's laminate. You know, when you blog it's all about the details. OH yeah, and the LAMINATE flooring was from Home Depot. Not Lowe's. So basically I am a liar. 

LASTLY (are ya'll tired yet?), have ya'll ever been to Garden Ridge. Shoot Fire, that place ROCKS! We got these fancy rugs for like 25.00! I can't wait to go back!
Have a Happy Friday! It's SPRING BREAK!! I can't wait for yummy time with my Aevyn.


  1. This post made me laugh! I love you! I also LOVE the green in Aveyn's room! Is it from Walmart too?? Definitely not a mistake!

  2. Leslianne, Leslianne, Leslianne. "Tangerine Tango" is the color of 2012. = ) Call me crazy. I HEART it! I'm sorry you do not ; ).

  3. I like the color too Leslianne! You make any color look so cool! Just act like you meant to do that then it's okay! I love you!

  4. i love garden ridge!! and hobby lobby too...

    and i can't resist cheap either!! if its cheap, 9 times out of 10 i will MAKE it work :)