Sunday, April 1, 2012



1. During Spring Break we basically did nothing all week. Tyler took Wednesday off of work, and we had a park day. The kids and Ty did a little fishing while I read my book. It was quite nice!

 2. We also had a welcome Spring cookout at our friend's house. This is what Aevyn looked like when she came downstairs. Sweet little Spring fairy!

3. I recently took a trip to Goodwill and found this beautiful headboard for 19.00! 

 I also found these plates 4 for 9.99. Each one depicts a scene of a place in Texas. Why would anyone get rid of such cuteness!?

 5. Speaking of cuteness- I found this darling on the road being the rockstar that she is! Tyler and I took the kids to Winterjam last weekend and had such a great time hanging out with Lauren. I want her to come live with me;)

 Here is where she lives:

 6. This weekend we had a garage sale. FINALLY! I was so thrilled when I caught this  moment on camera. Yes, those are old school roller skates....on an adult. She wasn't all that graceful either!

(and NO, moo and MJ, I wasn't selling the chairs! Just sitting in them;)

 Of course after seeing the lady with her skates on, Aevyn went to get hers.

It was a raging success! We made a total of 268.00! Now, I can finish Stone's room and the guest room. YAY! 
7. I have a West Elm pintuck duvet cover and euro shams for sale like this one:

I would like to get 50.00 for it. It's only very lightly used. I'd love to send it to you;) Email me if you're interested.  
8. We did a little antiquing on Spring Break and I found this yummy, green beauty:

I'll take one in every color pleaaasseee.

9. All this playing has made us very tired. I found them like this is in the church lobby;)

10. It's the Passion Week. I am so excited for Easter this year. 

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