Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pool, Paint, Pier One, Picture

Hello there! I have been quite negligent of the blog lately;( Not to worry, I am back and I will have a few projects to share with you in the next few days. Or weeks... maybe months. We will see how motivated I am to write;)
First on the agenda is to tell you that the kids have started swim lessons. OH. BOY. When we moved to Houston the first question I was asked (a million times) was what activities in which I was going to involve the kids. What mother's day out do they go to? Do they swim? What about dance? ( they were 4 months and 2 years old at the time). Here they are just a bit older than that:
Who would send these darlings out into the wild???!
WOW. I was a bit overwhelmed, I admit. The nursery worker at church told me that Stone was too attached, and that he needed to go to pre-school. YIKES!
I want the kids to be well-rounded, educated, talented babies, but I also like having them home with me! Not to mention the expense of carting them around the town to all their adventures. GEE WIZ.

Anywho, since then we have discovered the Westside Events Center. It is the Pearland Parks Dept. They offer a zillion activities for a fraction of the cost and and the activities are short spurts of time. YAY! The one thing they don't offer at that location are swim lessons. Stink.
So this year we finally took the plunge-ha and put them in lessons at Houston Swim Club. Boy, is it intense! I have been very impressed. And never have I seen my children's personalities so polarized. Stone -terrified, screaming, chest heaving, sadness pervading. Aevyn -happy, thrilled, thriving, laughing, aggressive.

 Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Stone's sadness for fear that the other moms would think I was a monster for documenting such terror. That's him on the float in the back of the picture. Poor baby.

I am thrilled with their progress and it's just week one! Hopefully this summer will be smooth sailing,  uh, I mean swimming.
Last week Erica and I found this cool dresser at Goodwill for 20.00 Yes, 20.00. I thought it would be perfect for Stone's room.

All it needed was some paint... Well I painted it, and I think I like it better all-naturaall;(

It will have to stay this way for a while. I don't have it in me to start over. But don't worry, he will be getting some new knobs. The good news is that I will have pics of his big boy room soon! 

Since I moved Stone into the guest room the new guest room is getting an overhaul as well. It got new paint and this cute duvet set is on order: 

I think it needs a monogram...
And finally, I found these Pier One curtains on clearance for the room. So fun and cutesy!

Long live the garage sale!

And finally, here is a picture of the kids at Easter:

Please note that Stone's shoes are on the wrong feet...again.


  1. Stone has a knack for shoes on the wrong feet. Or is it feet in the wrong shoes? Humphf....the kids sure are cute. Can't wait to hug them in 4 days and counting......

  2. Gorgeous! Harmony and Melle are very eager to hang out with Aevyn and Stone...maybe Thanksgiving?

    PS - I like the dresser both ways...