Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ballard Designs and Birthday

Forever I have had this picture in my head. It's from an old Ballard Designs catalog. I love this settee. The lines, the buffalo check. Yum.
 I don't usually just love Ballard, but every now and then they have really cute pattern play. I love this combination of the brown walls with the black and white check in the next picture. 
I have been wanting to reupholster this bench I have had for quite sometime to copy that cuteness.

Enter Hobby Lobby buffalo check fabric. When I found it I was so pleased! All it took was a yard, and it did the trick! Next, I attempted sewing my first double cording using this tutorial. It was SEW easy! (hardy-har-har).

Just a roll and seam:

Another tuck, roll, and seam:

AND TADA! (forgive the pins, the glue was still curing).

Now all she needs is some cute pillows!
Eat that Ballard.
PS. I am getting rid of that rug. Does anyone want to buy it? Name your price. It's the Jacobean Floral rug at Target. A best seller!
Tomorrow my baby celebrates her 6th Birthday! At this point 6 years ago I had already been in labor for 10 hours. Only 16 more to go!
We are having an ice cream party. Can't wait!
For now, I am smelling this yumminess in the oven. Cupcakes in a sugar cone. DUhhhh.

Happy Birthday, Aevyn!


  1. Girl!! You are amazing! I love the settee! So cute! It looks fantastic! Really good job on the sewing!

  2. Well done Les. I love the rug, but not sure how I'd get it.