Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Room

Well, I am still not finished with Stone's room. I hope that keeping you waiting for so long hasn't increased your expectations. I am working on a pallet project for the room in honor of our dear friend, Jeff Foreman;) 
 Have you ever lifted a pallet before? It's kinda like lifting a cow.
Until then, I HAVE finished the guest room. Do you remember the before? 
There MIGHT have been stains on the walls from a certain child throwing his poo around the room. 

This room is TINY. The reason we moved Stone is because there is no closet, and he was swiftly destroying the room. I won't indulge you all the degrees of gross. There really is something to waiting till a child is ready to potty train. Anywho, I LOVE this room now. It's clean, pretty, and cozy. I would stay in this room over mine any day!

I must warn you that while the room has changed for the cuter the photography is still dreadful. I need a class. For real. And something other than an IPhone! 
Here she is. The little gray box:

Now come see it for yourself so that we can play!

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  1. The picture doesn't do the cute curtains justice! I love the double sided cuteness of them too! It is a perfect guest room - even if the poo used to be trace of it from our last visit (thankfully!)