Thursday, December 6, 2012

Around the world in 60 Seconds

Well, Hello there! It's time for my once a month blog post! 
Well, last you knew of us it had sorta turned fall. Not much has changed around here. I want you to know that since I blogged last it has stayed in the upper 80s. What. A. Bummer. This is what I am grieving:

That was our street in Breckenridge.  RIP cold weather.
 In thinking about Christmas I have decided to embrace the hotness and maybe go to the beach. That might ease the pain.

Meanwhile we went to Memphis and enjoyed some cool weather and LEAVES!

Here is Stone playing baseball with the Newberry's neighbors. We didn't even know he was out there until the neighbor called Phil and told him that he needed to come see his grandson. That kid can play some ball. Makes me happy.

  Always some good time in the hot tub! Here, Uncle Mark is giving swimming lessons;)

We visited Santa! Memphistonianites, do ya'll shop at the S.Y. Wilson Antiques store? I love that place! That's where we saw Santa. He must like to antique too. 

We have a tradition that each year after Thanksgiving dinner Tyler gives a mini concert of his new songs. Such a gifted guy, that one.

The Newberrys had our family picture taken. This was Tyler's idea:

This was reality:

 I found this straggler hanging around in Germantown. What a site for sore eyes!! He's a cutie.

Speaking of a sight for sore eyes; these gals made my week! We have all been friends for decades. Such a dear, sweet time we had catching up. Love you gals!

Then we had some fun at Georgy and Kaki's house with Mama Aven's old glasses.

My kids must have a thing for glasses:

On the way home Tyler and I decided to make a pit stop at our Alma Mater, Mississippi College. Such fun memories. That place seems magical to me; all the big trees, old buildings, and cobblestone streets. It was wonderful!

After being home not even a week, Tyler and I were gifted a weekend in San Antonio. It has been 2 years since we had a night away. It was awesome! 
Neither of us had ever been to San Antonio. We I loved the vibe. Lots of yummy food shops. Super cool.

Sorry about all the close face shots.

The Alamo!
(disclaimer: this is a library by the Alamo that was built in the 50s. HA!) I'm not sure where the pic is of   us in front of the actual Alamo...

This was a 150 year old transplanted tree. The branches went all the way to the ground and ran along the ground like vines. Amazing.
Clearly I was really excited:

Thank you, dear friends! It was such a blessing to have time away!!

That's it folks! We are in the thick of Christmas here. Tyler's been out of town filming for the RRBCS at Second(He's back now, so don't try and murder me. He will kill you first). 
 It's going to be amazing!

I'll be back soon with some Christmas decking! 

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  1. I squeal when I see you have a new post. Why am I almost allways the first to comment? Do I have too much free time? Too much time on the computer? Or am I stalking you? Humphf! Something to ponder! Man, you have been all over the place in the last couple of weeks. Love always seeing pictures of whats going on. I hope you ate some killer Mexican food down there. They have an amazing one on the river that we've been to several times. Glad you got away!!