Friday, May 20, 2011

8 Things Family Fun Friday

1. The "Elderberrys" came in for a visit last week, and it was delightful! We had a great time just catching up. Thank the Lord for my assertive relatives; I think they singlehandedly made Aevyn's party successful.

2. We had a carnival/movie night birthday party for Aevyn. It was so much fun! The theme was Tangled. We set up a big projector screen and watched the movie outside. SO much fun! By the way, move over Beauty and the Beast. Tangled is my new favorite Disney movie. So darling! 

3. Aevyn graduated from 4K. Who graduates from 4K? Aevyn does. Not only that, but she surprised me and SANG at the graduation ceremony. I've never been so floored. Her song choice was "Born in Bethlehem" to the tune of Bruce Springsteene's "Born in the USA." No, I am NOT making this up.

4. Aevyn got a Beadazzler for her birthday. She and I are thrilled with the gift. Aevyn has been Beadazzling anything that will stand still. I had some fairly ugly Jesus sandals that I could never bring myself to wear, so I glittered them up. It made me happy;)

5. Tyler and I had an amazing opportunity to open for Caedmon's Call Saturday night. It was surreal. We did 5 of our originals. In short, it was THRILLING.

 You can see a few more pics here:

6. Last night Tyler surprised me with Andy Gullahorn tickets. If you aren't familiar with him, RUN-don't walk to your nearest Itunes store and buy his albums. You will resonate with his simplistic, open heart about family and God. We have had the privilege to get to know him on a bit of a personal level. What a great guy. Thanks Ty!

7. For Aevyn's birthday/ Mother's Day Tyler made me a massage and hair appt. It was so luxurious! However, I did feel sorry for my massage therapist. The entire massage she had some really awful stomach noise going on. Sad. I didn't know whether or not I should tell her to go take care of herself or pretend to not notice....AWKWARD! Then, my hair appointment ended up with me having blonde hair- very sad. Tyler said that I look like a country music singer. Double sad. I asked her to MATCH my hair to cover the gray, but I'm pretty sure she matched the gray. Another reason to let the gray have it's way.

8. Aevyn got a Rapunzel hair piece from Georgie, and we promptly tried it on Levi. I think he looks like a cabbage patch kid! 

Well, I guess that's all I know for now. Keep praying for the the sell of our house. My next post will be all decorating/reno ideas for the cottage;)

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