Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Three Little Berrys

Once upon a time there were three little pigs, uh, I mean Berrys and the time came for them to leave home and seek their fortunes in Memphis.

Two little Berrys went swimming with the big Berrys!

  One little Berry dug for worms and then promptly killed said worms and used them as bait! 

 One medium Berry got a pedicure! Her donkey hooves needed to be shaved off. 
(I always get nervous at that point in the pedicure. Once, they tried using a normal shaver/buffer/paddle thingy on me and it wouldn't work. The guy(yes, guy) got up and went to the back room and came out with an industrial size paddle. HU-MILI-ATING.)

One medium Berry went to a FABULOUS antique shop in Arlington! She may or may not have completely undressed in a corner of the store to try on an AMAZING vintage dress. It was handmade and wouldn't zip all the way. (Fat little piggy-I mean, Berry). SAD DAY. 

Three little Berrys went to Jerrys Sno-Cones where they pigged out!

 Had a very merry Un-Birthday (can I get a witness, Moo?) with the most delicious spread this Berry has seen in years. Thanks Mama Joe!

 Finally, one medium Berry Saw Beauty and the Beast at the Orpheum with her Moo. You can determine who's Beauty and who's the Beast in this horrific picture;)

Then the three little Berrys went home to the hottest place on earth. No wolf would ever dream of huffing and puffing and blowing their house down because he would surely die of heat exhaustion.

The End.


  1. reason 123456754533324 why i love you.

  2. Haha! That made me laugh and miss you at the same time! You should write a children's book - it would be funny and cute at the same time.