Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Week.

P-Diddy and Yaya and Auntie Nat came to town last weekend! They came into town for a quick visit and to see a David Crowder concert. We had a great time. It was way too short!  Here are some pictures from the weekend.

 We went and ate lunch with Aevyn at school. It was very enlightening as to the life of a school aged kid. Lots of giggling and tomfoolery going on. It was great;)

 Mexican Food! 

I had sworn that I wouldn't get a feather in my hair... I was thinking that it would look like a redhead impersonating Hiawatha. Then Auntie Nat came into town, and we all got feathers. Aevyn has made me style her hair everyday with the feather sticking out so that everyone can see it. In fact, her whole class drew pictures of her and most of them drew a pony tail with a feather sticking out. See exhibit B.
(Kinda looks like a snake coming out of her head. A little concerning...)

Exhibit B.

Does anyone else think that this is exceptional artwork for a 5 year old? This kid's handwriting is amazing. He even captured Aevyn's black and white leopard jacket. Wow.

And the concert:
Have you guys checked out Gungor? If not, you should run- not walk to Itunes and download their album. They make BEAUTIFUL art. Last week I was listening to them in the car, and I looked back and Aevyn had tears running down her face. We were listening to their song, You Have Me.  It's so beautiful. She said that the song makes her think of her daddy. I hope we get to cover it soon. I love that kid.

I don't know if you can tell what that contraption is that she is playing. It is called a "melodica." It's a keyboard with a tube coming out of it that you blow into to make sound. Tyler bought one and has been pushing me to try it out. I think it looks like something you would play in the ocean with a scuba suit on. And then I saw HER play it. Oh, alright Tyler. I'll try to be as cool as her.

 Crowder. WOW. I'm not usually a huge fan, but WOW. Tyler said it was one of the best shows he'd ever been to. The energy was great. David Crowder totally had his funny pants on that night too. It was great. Great musicianship. Thanks P-Diddy for an awesome awesome night!

This past week was quite uneventful. Tyler was in  Riverside, CA visiting a church to observe the way that they run certain aspects of their music ministry. (Is that a run-on)? I have it on good authority his trip was much more exciting than our week here. He was able to spend time with his friend and mentor, Steve Wiggins, and soak up his genius. 

He got to have dinner with our dear friends, Renae and Brian. I am SO jealous that he was able to meet baby Townes before me:(( He fell in love with their darling cabin on the mountain. (You realize we've traded lives, right Nae?)
Here are Tyler and Townes playing the harmonica.

Tyler was able to do a couple of hikes in some down time. Here the view on one of his hikes: 

I honestly expected him to come home a little heartsick for CO. Amazingly enough, he said he wasn't at all. RIP Summit County!

I did a couple of crafts last week while Ty was gone. I have had this trunk from Tyler's sweet Mama for years. It had acquired some weird spots sitting on the back of the toilet in the kids bathroom. I'm not sure that I want to know... Anywho, I had seen this awesome leopard print wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be perfect for decoupaging;) 




Have a great week, friends!


  1. Leslianne! That is just too adorable! How do you even have time to do this?! I can't even seem to get my laundry done some days. Wrapping paper?! I love it. It looks really cute. Great job!

  2. Yes, I noticed how cute their album cover was when I downloading Beautiful Things from iTunes...

  3. gungor is exceptional. we were just talking about them last week!