Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Graduate Part 2

Well Hello there! We are in full-swing summer vacation over here! Sleeping in...till 6:20am, playing in the water...at 6:00 at night b/c it's too hot until then, Beach Retreating...well at least part of us. It's glorious! I completed my first summer project yesterday. I painted our kitchen! I am loving the new hue.  Pictures to come soon! Until then, here is the my big FIRST grader! 

And this is how we celebrate:

Welcome SUMMER!


  1. OH HOW I LOVE THESE PICTURES! You're right, Aevyn and Ty looks so much alike in that photo! Congratulations Mom for your graduates! I wish I was playing in the pool with them too! Can't wait to see the kitchen photos!

  2. Amanda spent the night with me last night and I showed her a pic of Aevyn on FB and she couldn't believe how old she was! Her hair is so long... I love it!!