Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Big Reveal

Without further ado: Welcome to Stone's room! After so much waiting, I decided to let you in the room;) The things that I have long waited for will just have to wait. I have realized that I would love to have the big reveal with all the bells and whistles, but that won't happen when I am buying one piece of fun for the room a MONTH! Well, good things come to those who wait, because I LOVE this room. It all started with this picture:

and then this picture:

and finally this design board from

The first exciting find for this room was the barn door. My favorite antique shop in Pearland, the Browsaroun, is never short of supplies. The kicker is that this beauty was only 17.00. WHAT!!!? Surely, this was a mistake! Nope, the lady assured me that it was only 17.00. When I got it home there on the hinge (in sharpie??) was the price: 79.00. Oops! 

Do you remember this Lane chest that had been water damaged due to hurricane Ike? She used to sport a cherry red:

Now, he is a nice cool gray, and he holds lots of goodies inside. 

You can probably spot some elements from each inspiration photo in the room.
From the first picture, of COURSE, is the drummer boy picture. AH, I love that picture. Here is our version:

A 5.00 garage sale matador. Yes, he has been moved from the first picture. He moves depending on how I feel day to day. AND, because a matador must have a well-rounded prospective of the room in case he needs to fend off any bulls!

Another element that has yet to be added is a rug. I love that Parisian rug in the photo. I have one that I am working toward-a fake of course. Duh. Have you been to Garden Ridge? There are millions. For like 1.oo. 

In the second design photo I love the earthiness of the room. I started out by buying some Subway art for the room and ended up taking it back. It didn't have the feel that I wanted for the room. And, when it comes down to it, I love some color. I needed the red. So, I went with what I had. Lots of transportation signs. I like it for now. I especially love the "Surfing Ok" sign that was Tyler's. We had it hanging in our garage and the Homeowner's Assoc. made us take it down. Haters.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading the Alittleglassbox blog. She is so fun! I saw her darling design board for a twin room. I had painted Aevyn's silhouette on her wall a few years back, and I still love it. I LOVED the idea of having Stone's on the raw barn door. So here he is:

The gray striped bedding is from Target. The exact replica of the West Elm version for only 19.00 for the set! 

And some randomness:
"Pig Sooie!"

And a skull, because it's hard core.

One of my favorite antique finds of all time from a shop in Eads, TN. The cuss bank. I wish you could read the fine print. Hilarious. Stone has been filling that sucker full as of late:/

And look, the little dresser that could! It was 23.00 at Goodwill. It started out looking like this:

And now to this! In a nice 1970's studio patina. Where's the record playa?

I hope to get a rug and maybe a nice industrial lighting fixture for the room to finish it off. Until then, That's all folks!

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  1. Again, you're amazing. I love that you put the dresser under the window! That's genius!! The gray mixed with the black - so cool. Gray, my new favorite. How many little boys have this cool of a room?! If he only knew he should appreciate it. Pig Sooie is NOT random! It's a sign of LOVE! And the Cuss Bank - LOVE it! Does Tyler want the money from his cuss (box) bank?! It's still in there!