Friday, June 29, 2012

Who says being 30 is OLD?

Did you guys know that I had a birfday? Oh yes, and it was a big one! The big 3-0. I am so happy to be 30! I think that my life is now validated. I am always the youngest at everything. The youngest mom, the youngest  pastor's wife, the youngest friend. You name it, I be the baby. I feel like 30 finally makes me a real person. I am enjoying it!

Tyler surprised me with an incredible Garden party. (Literally, people brought me plants for my garden). It was wonderful. I was very happy to share the day with Moo, the woman that birthed me. That's always fun, especially since I view my kid's birthdays as a day to celebrate myself. I doubt Moo feels the same. She's much too humble for that kind of attitude;) Tyler literally threw me a party 3 hours after being gone on two weeks of Beach Retreat. What. A. Guy. When he got home he presented me with this blue topaz beauty:

It totally looks crooked, but it's just the way it is on my finger. Isn't it pretty!?
Then he took me to get this perfume I've been craving:

It's called Alien by Thierry Mugler. Yummy.

Then we went to "pick up" my parents for dinner. When I arrived I found all these lovelies!

 It was so much fun and such a sweet idea! Now I have faith that if I die Tyler will celebrate our children's birthdays and holidays:)

Here are some of my favorite pics:

My new kitten, Sugar.

Thanks to everyone that made this happen! You are all SO dear to my heart. For those that I didn't see that day, but left me sweet messages on my phone I love you ALL! You each make my life so full. I sure missed all my Memphis besties!!
My cup runneth over!
Oh, and how could I forget!? Ya'll know I got some rank carpet. Well, I got a steam vacuum! Maybe the best present ever. Can't you just see the excitement?


  1. That's so fun Les! Sure wanted to be there but we're having our own little 'party' up here!! Miss you and I'm so glad the Lord gave you to us all!! XOXO!