Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Drop Cloth Rock

Do you remember this chair? 

Poor yellowish, beigish, uglyish chair. Super great condition, though.
Now do you remember this chair?

I was so very proud of myself.
Until I realized that they had discontinued the fabric and I have another chair to reupholster. Blerg.
There the yellowish, beigish, uglyish chair sat for a good year.... Never bothering me with it's ugliness until ONE day. That's always how it happens. And then I can't stand it any longer.
Enter the drop cloth. I know that ya'll have heard of this phenomenon. You can upholster a respectable piece of furniture for ten dollars. I took the bait, and look how it turned out!

 So cute, right? I actually just slipcovered the chair. I am holding out hope that I will run across some fabric to match the other chair one day. Maybe next year.... I'm pretty happy with this for now!
Now go get you a drop cloth, bleach it, and get to sewing!

In other news, I turned 30 and joined the gym. Really I just joined Zumba. Be still my beating heart. No really, my heart is beating faster than ever before-but in a good way! I'm in love!

 These are my new exercise shoes from my deary, Courtney. I wore my skate shoes to my first Zumba class.  I was promptly told that Etnies were not appropriate for dancing.

The night I joined the gym:

PS. The bangs are gone. What was I thinking?? I am NOT Zoey Deschanel. Sad reckoning.

I'll be off for a bit as we eat, sleep, and breathe the world of Second Baptist VBS for the next couple of weeks. Check this out:


  1. Lol... Love that video! Haha... Tyler's facial expressions are hilarious, and those teeth/ tooth. That's great.

    Awesome job with the chair!!! Looks beautiful!

  2. Aw :( I L-O-V-E-D your bangs!

    On a side note, I need 2 wingbacks reupholstered. Any advice? ;)

  3. Drop cloth?! Who knew! Never heard that! You are my decorating hero! Great job on the chair! I like they don't match with same fabric. Are you saying things need to match? - oh, oh! I'm in trouble! Maybe I'll start a 'not match' fad! XOXO!