Monday, August 13, 2012

Because I haven't blogged in a month...

This is what we have been up to the last month! What a busy, wonderful one! 
3 weeks of VBS schedules:
Billy Bob was HAWT.

 I feel it's so fitting that our eyes are glowing in this picture:

Then it was off to Rogers, AR for vacation with the Newberrys. It was bliss!

Crawfish hunting

Saturday night sing-a-long!

  Sweet cousin love!

 More cousin love!

 Please pray for our cousins, Tim and Genessa as they prepare to move to Uganda! What an inspiration they are!
 Dirt "fire" pit.
 Gun shooting extravaganza!

Best diner evah.

My new motto in life:

Looky what came out of Aevyn's mouth! First lost tooth! Hooray! 
Our sweet friend, David, pulled it! YAY! 

Speaking of David; our friends David and Kate are moving to Japan tomorrow. They have been living with us the last couple of weeks. They are being stationed with the Marines in Okinawa. Please pray for us and them as we enter into this new stage of friendship! They are so very dear to us, we will miss them TERRIBLY!!!!!!!!

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  1. What sweet memories!! It's always fun to go to Mama and Papa's. Love all the photos!

    We have friends in Japan too. They are there under the same circumstances. But they are in Sasebo. I need to look up how far they are apart. They would be good friends! Glad you posted again. I missed it!